Photographing Bristol's sights

bristol sign

In the of summer 2018 I went on a trip to the UK for my ex-flatmate’s wedding and whilst still trying to wrap my head around the idea that some of my friends have started getting married, I made it into a short solo trip. After loving my first trip alone, I couldn’t wait to just grab my camera and explore the streets of Bristol.

I didn’t spend that much time solo-ing to be honest, between seeing cousins and old university friends but I made sure to get the sights in at this much-talked-about city. And let me tell you, I get what all the hype is about. Bristol has a bursting live music scene which I love and offers just about any cuisine you can imagine. My favourite was getting my hands on some fried plantains and jerk chicken at a Caribbean place. Bristol’s small enough to be able to walk around easily and big enough not to get bored. I’d definitely consider it if I were still living in the UK.

Flicking through my albums, almost a year later, I found some photos I took that sum up the essence of colourful, vibrant Bristol so I decided to share them with you all.

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Have you really been to Bristol if you haven’t visited the Clifton Suspention Bridge? What I loved most about seeing the bridge, besides the stunning views was walking around Clifton area. It felt like a little mix of trendy European cities with flower shops and art shops, small bistros with their chairs out and big green gardens.

clifton bristol

Like this cute frame of photo for example which I took on my way to the bridge. Two grandparents were watching their grandchildren play in the grass with that green bed of hills as a backdrop. The fact that it was a relatively warm August day also helped but I’m sure Clifton is still pretty in rain and grey clouds.

bristol ferris wheel

Smack bang in the centre of the city is this big ferries wheel standing tall in between museums. As it was a clear day I wanted to snap a shot of this white and blue contrast before I was mindblown in the We The Curious Museum. If in Bristol, definitely check out this super funky science and arts centre. I’m far from being a science nerd partly because I always think I won’t understand it but I didn’t want to leave that museum. Its interactive displays and games spark curiousity and creatively communicate science experiments and facts. A visit is a totally immersive experience and fun for the whole family, I was playing the same games as 5-year-olds and 70-year-olds. Totaly worth it.


Walking down the harbour and noticing life on boats was another favourite pass time. Comparing colours, plant designs and just general life on a boat, like this shot here capturing real life in the harbour as the clean clothes are drying.

bristol canal harbour

I had to take a short boat ride to see the harbour from the canal’s point of view and go beyond where my feet could take me. I sat behind these two little girls who were on a trip with their grandparents and I think I was just as excited as them.

bristol harbour

The day ended with a cool afternoon beer by the harbour (aka after-work drinks even when you’re on holiday and not working) and I don’t know if there’s anything that sums up Bristol more than a photo of its colourful array of houses by the harbour. Well perhaps the street art that the city’s widely known for or the Balloon Fiesta, but this is good too and it’s even prettier up close.