ELENI PHILIPPOU - Photography / Travel Publications.


Constantly seeking new ways to express myself and my interests, I found a platform for these through photography. This involvement began upon capturing outings and events and later developed into street and travel photography. Fascinated by the storytelling of an image, I hold an dear interest in documentary photography.

My photography embodies my own interpretation of real-life situations, encounters and moments of the everyday life. I tend capture scenes and people, thus documenting lives. The lens allows me to travel from one environment to another, and travel allows the lens to document the fascinating, the unfamiliar and the intriguing. This website exhibits my photography, as well as my writing.

Fluent in Greek, English and Spanish,  I am a lover of words. My writing holds personal experiences and realizations through reflections on culture and society. Always discovering and searching.

Currently based between London and Nicosia, trying to map myself in this maze.